Intensive Driving Courses made simple

1st 4 Intensive Driving Courses believe in making your choice to choose an intensive or crash course easy.
Once you contact us and decide on the course to suit you, we do the rest for you from sorting out the instructor, the car and the practical and theory tests too if needed. We will assist you in choosing the right course for you and put your package together organising everything for you all the way through.
You will have a course adviser here in the office and they will sort everything for you leaving you to get on with your life.

Who are Intensive Driving Course for?

Intensive or crash course driving courses as they are sometimes called suit many different types of learners. You may need to get your driving license quickly because of work or personal commitments. Sometimes learners just do not want to take weekly lessons and want to get passed quickly. 1st 4 Intensives know that whatever your reason we can achieve your goal. Courses are normally done over a few days with your test at the end

How to book your Intensive Driving Course

Booking an intensive Driving Course is simple, either online, by phone or even using the chat widget below. Someone is here to speak directly with you during office hours and if you email or leave an offline chat, we will call you back the next working day. We will look for availability of a course that fits in with you and although most people like to organise these 4 weeks in advance, sometimes we can do this sooner. The process is simple and your course adviser will go through everything for you and confirm all the details.

Where will my Intensive Driving Course be?

Your intensive driving lesson can be at anyone of our centres across Devon and Cornwall. Currently we cover intensive driving courses in the following locations you can click on each area for more information;
Exeter Intensive Driving Courses
Bodmin Intensive Driving Courses
Plymouth Intensive Driving Courses
Camborne Intensive Driving Courses
Normally you will arrange to meet your intensive driving instructor at a location that is convenient to you such as the railway station or bus station and the course will be centred close to the test centre where you will be taking your driving test. You driving instructor will make every effort to accommodate any needs you have and due to the nature of intensive driving lessons can be very flexible.

How to pay for your Intensive Driving Course

Paying is easy, we normally take a 25% deposit plus the cost of any driving tests we are booking for you at the time of booking, if you made an online booking then your course adviser will call you back the next working day to take the deposit. The remaining balance is due 10 working days before the course starts and we will invoice you for that to be transferred by bank transfer. Most people prefer to do this online however we can discuss your personal choice if this is not an option for you.

Completing your Intensive Driving Course

This is a very simple, you will need to show your intensive driving instructor your driving licence, ensure you take glasses if you need them for driving (if you are unsure take them with you anyway) and where sensible shoes, i.e. not flip flops. Normally trainers or flat shoes are best. Dress comfortably and we would suggest bringing water to drink however your intensive driving instructor will stop for breaks so you don’t get overloaded so maybe something to eat or some change to buy yourself a snack might be wise. We usually do 5hrs a day with breaks during the day where you will stop for drinks and snacks and talk about the theory side of your driving. All our instructors use a coaching style so no shouting or constant telling and work with your learning style.

Fun Intensive Driving Courses

So, intensive driving courses are easy to book and we make this a simple process. We have been doing this for many years and have some of the top leading names working with us behind and in front of the scenes to ensure you have a fantastic experience and pass your test with ease.
Call us even if it is just to find out more information we know your experience starts here
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