20hr Intensive Driving Courses

Who are 20hr intensive driving courses suitable for?

The 20 hour intensive driving course is very suited to those who have been with a driving instructor but maybe you are looking to swap instructors and pass your test quicker. Maybe you have been finding your weekly lessons are just too slow or you need to pass your test quicker because of work or personal commitments.
You may or may not have your theory passed already, we can arrange this if not.

Many pupils have come from other schools and feel they need a change to give them the confidence to pass that test. This is where 20hr intensive driving courses can be of great value and help you on your way. Whatever your scenario we would expect you to feel confident about your driving test and have had significant amount of professional driving lessons and usually around the 30 previous hours mark. A good source of information about how many driving lessons you might need can be found here.

If you are not sure, call and speak to one of our course advisors and they will be able to help you chose the correct 20hr intensive driving course.

  • 20hr course
  • Tests included
  • None
  • £520.00
  • 20hr course
  • Tests included
  • Practical test
  • £582.00
  • 20hr course
  • Tests included
  • Theory and practical
  • £605.00

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It is always down to the individual intensive driving instructor to assess you. If they feel the that a 10hr intensive driving course is not the correct course, then they will advise you appropriately. All our intensive driving instructors are very qualified in assessing you and it is not in your, or their best interest to pay money for the incorrect course. This rarely happens when the correct course is chosen in the first place.

You can call us on the number above or why not try the little chat widget to the right and chat to us informally

Please read the terms and conditions before booking by clicking the following link 20hr intensive driving courses t&c