How intensive driving courses work

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Welcome to 1st 4 Intensive Devon and Cornwall

We are often asked how intensive driving courses work and here at 1st 4 Intensives make everything as easy as possible for you. From the booking to the lessons and the driving tests. We will do as much as possible for you here letting you just concentrate on your intensive driving lessons. We take out the hassle and worry and are very experienced in booking and sorting these out as we have done hundreds in the past.


How intensive driving courses work : Booking

Booking options could not be easier, with online, email, phone or if you prefer the little chat widget at the bottom of every page. A trained specialist will handle your booking from the start to the end organising everything from the initial advice needed, the booking and sorting all the tests. We will normally organise an assessment lesson to for you just to check that the right course has been chosen. With a trained course advisor working with you we find this is how intensive courses work best.

How intensive driving courses work : The lessons

Normally lessons will start of with a 2 hour assessment lesson. This lesson will be organised as soon as possible after booking the course. This gives you and the instructor the chance to discuss you future lessons and confirm the correct intensive driving lessons have been booked. the remainder of the course will usually be taken as 5hr lessons. Dont worry you will get breaks and a chance for refreshments and during these breaks you can discuss and theory side and review progress. 3hrs are remaining and are ready for the driving test. This will not be a long day as you do not want to do too much before your test.

How intensive driving lessons work : Payment

This is also made easy, on booking we will take a 25% deposit plus the cost of any driving tests you have booked with us. We will send you a invoice for the balance and this will need to be paid online 21 days before the start of you main intensive driving lessons. so for example; if you were booking the 20 hour intensive driving course including the practical test @ £582

  • The cost of the course is broken down into
    • The lesson part of the course is £520 and the test is £62.
  • You would pay 25% of £520 = £130
  • + £62(practical test)
  • Total deposit payable is £192
  • The balance payable by invoice 21 days before = £390

Your intensive driving course advisor will be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you might have. They really know how intensive driving courses work and ensure you get the maximum value from your lessons.