Intensive courses terms and conditions

1st 4 Intensive Promise

• 1st 4 Intensives use independent driving instructors who are all self-employed. Each instructor is specialised in teaching you all the elements, manoeuvres and syllabus so you can pass your driving test safely.
• Normally your sessions will be 8am to 1pm or 1.30pm to 6.30pm with breaks for lunch etc. during breaks theoretical parts may be covered. Your intensive driving instructor may choose to alter these times.
• We will supply you with online facilities to help you pass the theory test.
• You will receive tuition from a driving instructor who will be a registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
• You will receive honest and open advice as to your training required should in the rare event that you have chosen the wrong course. If a different course is required, then where possible this will be arranged.
• No passengers will be carried in the vehicle without your express permission.
• You will be taught in a clean, roadworthy and modern dual controlled vehicle with manual gearbox unless automatic gearbox has been specified.
• On some occasions, lessons times may need to change because of driving tests for students. You will always be notified in advance of this.
• You will be insured for public and liability claims during your tuition with your driving instructor.
• Smoking is not permitted in any driving school vehicle
• You will be advised correctly as to when you are ready to take your practical test, if you are not ready then the test may have to be re-arranged.
o Please be aware with the 10, 15 and 20hr courses there will be insufficient time to rearrange the test and the DVSA will not refund at this short notice. If you book these short courses and you are not ready, it is unfortunate but you will lose the test fee and will need to pay for another test when you are ready.
• Your driving instructor’s decision is final.
• To keep you informed of test dates, and any other information you might need promptly.

You Promise

• You have a current provisional, in date
• You can read a car number plate from 67 feet (20.5M). With glasses if necessary. This forms the first part of your driving test and if you fail this we cannot be held responsible. If you are unsure speak with your driving instructor or optician.
• You will turn up for your lessons in a fit state and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you smell of drink even from the previous night or appear to be under the influence of any drugs, your instructor will refuse to let you drive and you will forfeit the cost of the day’s tuition.
o Certain prescribed drugs and medications can have an effect on your driving. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor
• To keep to your appointments and attend promptly, driving instructors who do intensive courses will book a whole week off for your personal attention and cannot be expected to lose their fee. Driving instructors will have cleared diaries for your course so please be mindful of this.
• When booking either online or by any means that you have had the required experience as suggested in our ‘what intensive course’ will I need page and each booking page information. Your instructor cannot be responsible if you have not reached the required standard for the course you are booking. Many mistakes can be easily sorted by choosing the correct course and it is far cheaper in the long term
• That you understand due to the driving instructor having a cleared diary for your course, course fees are not refundable 21 days prior to your course starting. It may be possible to change dates and re arrange courses subject to a £25 administration fee.
• You will pay a deposit on booking equal to 25% of the basic course fee plus any driving tests you want us to book on your behalf. (the basic course fee is the course you are taking minus any test fees. I.E. 25% of the 20hr course with no tests plus test fees) Will be explained to you on booking
• To pay all courses fees must be received 21 days prior to the course starting. You will be invoiced for the balance.
• That you understand that whilst we endeavour to get tests for the times and dates you want that due to the unpredictable nature of the DVSA tests this is not always possible and we will try to get you tests as close as possible.
• We are not responsible for the DVSA moving, cancelling or rearrange driving tests.

• You will be offered an assessment lesson and while this is not compulsory if you chose not to have the assessment and in the opinion of your intensive course specialist, you have booked the wrong course, you will not be entitled to any refund.
• Once your training has started, all fees will have been paid to your intensive driving instructor and it will be them who is responsible for fees etc. Once the course has started then all liabilities and business dealings are between yourself and the intensive driving instructor.

We reserve the right to vary or change our terms and conditions as necessary.