Intensive driving courses Cornwall

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We are specialists in providing intensive driving courses Cornwall. We aim to make booking your intensive driving lessons simple and easy so eliminating any stress involved. Often call crash course driving lessons, these courses are designed to get you through your driving test and on the road quickly and surprisingly easy.
We offer intensive driving courses in 2 main locations in Cornwall, Bodmin and Camborne although just over the bridge at Plymouth we can offer you an intensive training course there too.
The whole process is simple, from booking to test all with one simple phone call, email or using the chat widget. You might prefer to book an online intensive driving course Cornwall and using our website platform, this process is extremely hassle free.

What types of intensive driving courses Cornwall do we offer?

We offer intensive driving course with as few as 10 hours right up to 50 hours. The type of course will depend on the experience you have and how confident you feel. To under estimate the amount of lessons you might need can be a false economy and it is better to consider those extra few lessons to try and pass the driving test first time. We have a high success rate at getting this right and unlike many others who offer a handful of intensive driving courses options, we offer many more different types. This is because we know you are all different and it is not just based on previous lessons. You might be confident or not so confident and this can greatly influence your learning.

Intensive driving courses Cornwall course advisor

You will be allocated a course advisor who will work with you to try to ensure we get the right course for you so you do this once only and achieve that successful test pass. After all this is why you chose an intensive driving course in Cornwall.
Either call us on the above number, or try booking online by clicking this link and don’t forget the little chat widget where Chloe is waiting to answer any questions you might have

Have fun……………………….