What Intensive Course

What Intensive Course Do I Need?

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Choosing your course is easy with Devon and Cornwall Driving Lessons, using the guide below we will book the course best suited to you. Sometimes your learning style can be quick or slow and we can always adjust the course if needed in the rare circumstances.Our Driving Instructors are specialists in Intensive Driving Lessons in Devon and Cornwall so they know just how to get you passed and on your road to achieving your freedom and success.

What Intensive Course

All our course requirements are guidelines only as there is no ‘one size fits all’. They are based on what ‘typically’ pupil need to pass the driving test comfortably and not take a chance.

The 10hr Courses

The 10 hour intensive driving course is ideally suited to you if maybe you have recently failed a driving test or just need to brush up on your driving. You will typically have had around 40 hours of professional tuition before and you feel confident.
You will already have your theory test completed
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The 15hr Courses

The 15 hour intensive driving course will ideally suit you if you have lots of experience and maybe you failed a driving test or were at test standard. You may be returning to driving after a short break and are looking to start again. You will typically of had 35 hours or professional tuition and be feeling confident.
Normally you will have passed your theory test
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The 20hr Courses

The 20 hour intensive driving course is very suited to those who have been with a driving instructor but maybe you are looking to swap instructors and pass your test quicker. Maybe you have been finding your weekly lessons are just too slow or you need to pass your test quicker because of work or personal commitments. Typically you will have had around 30hrs of professional tuition.
You may or may not have your theory passed already, we can arrange this if not.
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The 25hr Course

The 25 hour intensive courses is ideal for people who have had some driving lessons before but still need to complete some of the syllabus to drive. Maybe you have also been having private practice although we would expect you to have had 25 professional driving lessons before
If you have not completed your theory test yet then we can arrange this as part of a package for you too
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The 30hr Course

The 30 hour driving course would be great for you if you have had a few lessons and consider yourself a quick learner. You might have had experience in another country or driving privately with practice. Typically though we would expect you to have had 20 hours with a professional driving instructor.
We can arrange your theory for you as part of the package
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The 35hr Course

The 35 hour course is the one you are looking for if you have started driving lessons and decided the weekly lesson route is going to be too slow for you. You might have learnt the basics with a few lessons but you will be a confident learner who picks things up easily. We would expect you to have had around 15hrs of professional tuition
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The 40hr Course

The 40 hour course is for a very confident beginner who might have had a little experience driving a car or has been driving in a foreign country where the standards are not as high as the UK driving test. This course designed for beginners would still need some basic controls experience and a confident learner who picks things up easily, we would expect that maybe you have had 10hrs of professional tuition before.
Theory test is typically arranged for you with this course however it is fine if you have passed it already.
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The 45hr Course

The 45 hour course is a beginners course for you if you are starting without any previous driving lessons and feel confident in how your progress will go. You would be a quick learner who might of had a few private or professional driving lessons. Typically you may have only had a handful of driving lessons
We would be able to arrange the theory test for you as part of a package.
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The 50hr Course

The 50 hour course is for absolute beginners who might not feel very confident. You will probably have never driven before and are maybe not too confident and want this course for those extra few lessons for the security. We will guide you through everything and give you that confident boost to help you along.
Theory test can be arranged as part of the package.
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Ultimately test readiness is under the discretion of the driving instructor and on rare occasions the instructor might have to postpone a test due to the pupil not being ready